A native of New Orleans and a graduate of Loyola University, Tod found his passion for photography while on his high school yearbook staff. A summer internship at the Clarion Herald newspaper placed Smith under the tutelage of staff photographer Frank H. Methe who introduced him to darkroom techniques and the basics of visual storytelling. Following that internship, Tod continued his serious pursuit of photography and has been afforded the opportunity to expand his knowledge and experience through workshops, mentorships and individual study.

He has since had his work selected to appear in a number of juried competitions and exhibitions, as well as in print publications including Okra Magazine, Popular Photography and the book, New Orleans by New Orleans (Smolarcorp, 2012). 

While his work reflects a wide variety of subjects and interests, his primary focus revolves around documenting and preserving the music and cultural communities of his beloved New Orleans.



Instagram: @TAS1962

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